About the contract

Special rules apply to the Ugot apartments

The University of Gothenburg rents the apartments from the SGS. 

The university decides who is eligible to apply for the apartments and the SGS manages the housing contracts and rent invoices.

The leasing period is
predetermined and you are expected to move out at the expiry of the lease.

If you move out before the contract expires, please give the SGS housing office a written and undersigned notice three calendar months in advance.

Students are not allowed to sublet the flat. Please see the terms of tenancy in the housing contract.


Extending the contract period

If you wish to extend the lease, send a request to ugot@sgsstudentbostader. se as soon as you know that your studies will last longer.

Rent – 10 month rent

10 month rent means that rent is collected during 10 months a year instead of twelve.

Annual rental adjustments

Each year, usually in November-January, the monthly rent for all rented properties  will be negotiated by the landlords and the Swedish Union of Tenants.

The rent may increase in the spring, from January-February, due to the result of the negotiations. The increase of rent may differ from one housing district to another and the increase may be effective from a later turn of the month.

In contracts sent to new tenants during November-December the rent is preliminary, if the new rent levels have not been established.

The result of the rental negotiations will be published on the SGS website.