Housing info


Information about the housing areas and our apartments is found under

Choose Housing info, Our apartments.

Read also about arrival arrangements and see photos of the SGS apartments is found under the University of Gothenburg website for Exchange students. 



Available flats

Available apartments/ rooms will be posted on the Ugot website Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm. 

In December we publish all available apartments at one occasion. If there are apartments, which have not been taken then, those are posted the next coming Tuesday or Thursday.

Please book a flat soon because the application period is short in December. 

If you have not received a registration code from the university, you may not register under the Ugot website. 
Go to the SGS English website, which is for all university students, and register your application. 

If you want to contact your Kundcenter (customer center) before arrival, please use the contact form under My pages.
You have to refer to the address you will move into in Gothenburg.