Emergency numbers

To find your emergency number, enter your address below.

    During daytime

    If something needs attention in your home - kitchen, laundry, a leaky tap etc, you should call the number below. You can also call this number at disturbances of various kinds. You can also submit a fault report via "My Pages" on our website, to the area- or local office mailbox, by fax, mail, or e-mail. We then wish that you state if we can use our spare key and also a telephone number so we can reach you.

    Property services

    Should a serious problem, such as a water pipe breaking etc occur nights and weekends, please call the number below. However, do not call if it is not absolutely necessary - this may result in an unnecessary dispatch which you may be liable to pay for.


    At disturbances nights and weekends, contact:



    Welcome to contact or visit your Kundcenter. Open every weekday 9 - 16 pm.