If you have problems with vermin or pests in your home it is your obligation as a tenant to notify SGS Studentbostäder immediately.


If a decontamination of your apartment is necessary it will not cost you anything as SGS has an agreement with the pest control company through our insurance company.

At the slightest suspicion of bed bugs, vermin or pests contact your Kundcenter!

Facts about bed bugs

Bedbugs are unpleasant but not dangerous.  Bedbugs are found in all countries and the number of cases of bedbugs in Sweden has increased sixfold since 2004 and also in the rest of the world (bedbugs have been found in the department stores Bloomingdales and Macy's and in famous hotels in New York).

Bedbug can hide behind moldings, picture frames, curtains, and often come up at night to suck human blood. They do not spread any diseases, but is a simple discomfort. They are controlled by the availability of food and can lie dormant for a long period, up to one year and then come to life. Bed bugs are crawling, they do not jump and do not go far from us humans. Bedbugs are 2.5 to 12 mm long, rounded oval, flat and brown/yellowish brown.

How can you avoid getting bed bugs home with you

Have you been abroad and are afraid that you have got bedbugs with you, put your suitcase in a bag and then freeze it, or place it in a hot sauna (min 50 degrees). Do not leave your bag open unnecessarily in the hotel room and pack up outdoors when you come home. Wash what is possible in at least 60 degrees. Bed bugs are often found in fabric covered furniture so do not take up any in your home without being sure they are free of bedbugs. Do not borrow any mattress from your neighbor.