Moving in

University of Gothenburg - arrival day

On the arrival day, January 14, 2017, you receive the keys from University Gothenburg , Welcome services. The university informs you about arrival. The SGS offices are closed Saturday-Sunday. 

SGS Kundcenter/Customer centers

If you arrive any other weekday, you should sign for the keys at your Kundcenter. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9 - 16 pm, closed in the weekends.

The SGS offices close 1 pm the day before a public holiday. Check the office hours well in advance before arrival.

Each residential area belongs to a certain Kundcenter/Customer center. The name and location of your  office is stated in the Housing offer e-mail under “Arrival”.

Please bring along these documents to your Kundcenter on arrival; 

Identification document
Your housing contract
Proof for rent payment (if you paid only recently)

It is useful to read the move-in information under each area description before arrival. 


Your apartment has been inspected before arrival. Log on to My pages under the Ugot website and click on Inspection for more information.

Each tenant should inspect the flat upon arrival and write down any faults or missing fittings in the apartment. 
Fill out the tenant’s inspection (Hyresgästens besiktning) online under My pages. This is to secure that you will not be charged for damage caused during previous tenants’ residence.

Questions about inspection should be sent to your Kundcenter. Please use the contact form under the Ugot website or call your office. You find the address and telephone number to your office under the Ugot website.

Untidy apartments

Contact your Kundcenter at once, if you are unhappy with the previous tenant's cleaning. In order to assess cleaning, we will have to look at your flat.


All rooms/apartments are equipped with basic furniture, such as a desk with a set of drawers, a chair, one or two beds, bookshelves and lamps.
Some of the apartments are furnished by the University of Gothenburg and the furniture and fittings may be different from those in the SGS regular rooms. 

There is an inventory list under each area description on the Ugot website under Housing info, Our apartments. Please check that all items on the list are in the flat. If not, make a note of missing items on the tenants’ inspection report.

Following items are not included; textiles, e.g. sheets, towels, curtains and shower curtains. Light bulbs, kitchen utensils and cookware is not included.