CEO Magnus Paulsson 031-333 63 55 Contact
Information Catharina Lind 031-333 63 65 Contact
Marketing Karin Dalåker 031-333 63 64 Contact
Human Resources Karina Nilsson 031-333 63 67 Contact
Property manager Magnus Bonander 031-333 63 73 Contact
Rental manager Gunnar Wikehult 031-333 63 11 Contact
CFO Göran Brihs 031-333 63 78 Contact
IT manager Jan-Anders Janson 031-333 63 34 Contact

Board of directors

Chairwoman Camilla Widman (City of Gothenburg) Contact
vice Chairman Linus A.J Månsson (GFS) Contact
Member Carl Otto Lange (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Member Merete Kapstad (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Member Marie Smedbro (University of Gothenburg) Contact
Member Ted Berg (GFS) Contact
Deputy Angelika Gelin (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy Mats Berglund (City of Gothenburg) Contact
Deputy Gunilla Walther (Chalmers University of Technology) Contact
Deputy Linus Olsson Collentine (GFS) Contact
Deputy Love Josefsson (GFS) Contact